• Having recently turned the Big 50, for the first time in my life I started feeling my age.  Running my own gym, planning an international trip and preparing to beat a World Record took its toll on me. I was feeling run down and demotivated.  Not one to normally get sick, I was hit with an onslaught of winter aches and pains. I was diagnosed with Adrenal Fatigue by my naturopath who recommended that I go on a course of Vitamin C. Three weeks ago, I started taking SENTRY C 1000mg - A Fizzy Vit C tablet three time a day – 3000mg of Vitamin C! Today,   I have my mojo back! I have new found vitality and a spring in my step.  The tablet not only reduces tiredness and fatigue, it is an excellent antioxidant that maintains good health and supports the immune system.  With the change of seasons, I feel more healthy and ready to take on and beat that World Record in New York in November!

    John McGrath High Performance Motivational Speaker and Strongman
  • During the month of August I had to take a trip to the Baviaanskloof and the extreme harsh conditions of the Karoo clogged up my sinuses. I was in the favourable position to have Ivyfilm, Hydromist and Sinufix at my disposal. I doubled the dose of Ivyfilm, and regularly cleaned my nose with Hydromist. I am sure it was the use of Sinufix that made the pain bearable. The pleasant taste of the medication also makes it a lot easier to take.  Which brings me to the Sealicious Omega 3.  I do not eat fish because in my mind, if it should taste the way it smells I am sure I will not have the stomach to take it in. Your product does not cause me to regurgitate the awful fishy taste and the fact that I  take only one tablet at a time makes it worthwhile to my pocket as well. I am very pleased that I was introduced me to your products. May your company prosper and keep on introducing affordable medication to South African citizens.  

  • Just a quick testimonial of how much your products helped me. About 2 week ago we, my daughter, son in law, wife and me, were on our way to the Trans Baviaans mountain bike race. My wife and I were supporting the other two who were cycling. About a day before we left I started feeling ill with flu and the evening before we left it felt quite bad. Carmen, my daughter gave me some Ivyfilm, Flufix and Sinufix which made me feel better. We left the next morning and I kept on dosing myself with these products. The products made it possible for me to do the support for the race which involves being outside in the cold until 2 ‘0 clock in the morning. Great products and I will definitely use them again and recommend them.

  • Talking about ageing gracefully……My 60 year old mom energy levels are like that of a 16 year old ! Her secret, a daily dose of Sentry M every morning without fail. As a qualified nurse working in hospital and exposed to a lot of sick patients, this also ensures her immunity is strong and that she remains in good health all year round. I make sure she never runs out of her Sentry Multi , available nationwide in pharmacies to make sure she can keep up with her grand-children when I need a break….

    Boitumelo Pharmacist
  • If you’ve ever felt bloated and totally uncomfortable and distended you’ll know just how unpleasant it can feel! That was my ‘normal’ daily experience until I began taking Trubiotic from Lamar which has entirely changed the way my gut feels. Taking this probiotic daily has solved my gut issues and I won’t ever go a day without it! Thanks a mil’ ‘Recently I had a bad bout of sinusitis and I could not believe the relief that I experienced when I used the fine Hydromist Nasal spray in combination with the Sinufix capsules! Thank you!’ ‘Wow!  I’ve never been a fan of cough mixtures and when I was offered a film that dissolves in your mouth for cough I wasn’t sure if it would work but decided to give it a try. This IVYFILM works and what I loved is how it thinned the mucus too so it was easier to cough it all out! No more spilling and being unsure about measuring out – with each sachet I know I’m giving a precise dose. Highly recommend it!

    Happy Customer